Pitt County-Certified WorkReady Community

Pitt County was certified as a WorkReady Community in 2013, and as such is leading the way to elevate our region’s workforce into our number one competitive advantage. By ensuring our workers have the best skills and training, we can guarantee businesses we have the talent they need to succeed now and in the future.

Why does this matter?  Employers are increasingly concerned with ensuring that both potential and incumbent employees have the skills necessary to thrive in today’s workplace. More than 80 percent of all future jobs are projected to require skills beyond those earned in high school.

For an executive contemplating moving a business to North Carolina, expanding an existing company, or even just sustaining operations in a fiercely competitive environment, the skill level of the available workforce is often a deciding factor. As a result, both job seekers and incumbent workers are increasingly called upon to demonstrate a more advanced set of skills – or at least the ability to develop those skills through on-the-job training.

For more information on this program, go to http://workreadycommunities.org/index/about.

For more information and Pitt County’s status and goal attainment as a WorkReady Community, go to http://workreadycommunities.org/NC/147.


North Carolina’s Career Readiness Certification (CRC) is designed to meet the needs of both employers and job seekers in this transitioning economy. For employers, the CRC offers a reliable means of determining whether a potential employee has the necessary literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills to be “job ready.” For job seekers, the CRC serves as a portable credential that can be more meaningful to employers than a high school degree or a resume citing experience in a different job setting.

The CRC is based upon WorkKeys, a nationally recognized, skills assessment tool developed by ACT Inc.

Source:  crcnc.org

Pitt County individuals who would like to take the assessment should contact:

Pitt Community College
CRC Administrator
(252) 493-7549



Literacy Volunteers Pitt County
(252) 353-6578


NC Career Readiness Certificate

What is the NC Career Readiness Certificate?
The CRC is an assessment based credential that gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills. The CRC is a portable record of work skills. Training and testing of abilities in reading, location information in charts and graphs, and math can help:

  • Find the best job match.
  • Increase the opportunities to be hired, retained, and promoted.
  • Improve skills and flexibility meet the demands of the changing workplace.

Certification Levels
The CRC documents skill achievement in Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Math at three levels Gold (Level 5), Silver (Level 4) and Bronze (Level 3). The different levels earned signify increasing levels of difficulty in each area.

These levels also signify that a recipient possesses skills for a certain percentage of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys in the three specific skill areas.

  • Gold: 90% of jobs profiled
  • Silver: 65% of jobs profiled
  • Bronze: 30% of jobs profiled

The CRC uses the WorkKeys system to determine the skills needed for success in the workplace. Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Math are the target skills for certification because these skills are required in 85% of jobs. Using WorkKeys system, current skills are determined in these three areas. Training helps close the gap between current skills and desired certification level.

KeyTrain is used to help train individuals to score higher on their assessments. KeyTrain provides the following benefits:

  • Training helps develop the skills needed to meet the job requirements.
  • KeyTrain is the training tool for increasing skills.
  • KeyTrain is a user friendly computer based tool that works directly with the WorkKeys system.
  • By using KeyTrain a person gains knowledge through a set curriculum with summaries, pre-test, and post-test included within each skill level.
  • Individuals are able to work at their own pace while using KeyTrain.

For Individuals

What are the Benefits?
For Pitt County individuals, the NC Career Readiness Certificate:

  • Increases chances for employment and promotion within regional manufacturer and distributor facilities.
  • Focuses on employment-related competencies needed in any career.
  • Provides training to help obtain certification.
  • Is a portable credential recognized by employers.

How Do I Obtain a NC Career Readiness Certificate?
For Pitt County individuals interested in earning their CRC, follow these three steps:

1. Contact the CRC Administrator at Pitt Community College (252-493-7549) or the Literacy Volunteers of Pitt County (252-353-6578) .  Pitt Community College holds orientations weekly at the WorkKeys/CRC Open Lab.

2. If necessary, enroll in a CRC Prep Class or access PCC’s online study program.

3. When training is complete, register to take the WorkKeys test.  A Gold, Silver, or Bronze Career Readiness Certificate will be awarded based on test results

For Employers

What are the Benefits?
For Employers, the NC Career Readiness Certificate:

  • Assesses job skills via ACT WorkKeys
  • Simplifies hiring by streamlining the application process
  • Matches the right person with the job, thereby reducing turnover
  • Reduces training time and increases the skill level of existing employees

Employers use the certificate, along with other education and background information, to make employment and training decisions. The certificate is often considered a “plus” when presented to an employer during the hiring process because it shows the individual has attained specific workforce competency levels in Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. Higher scores indicate an individual’s greater range of jobs.

For more information:

  • North Carolina’s Eastern Alliance WorkReady Communities website makes it seamless for employers committed to finding qualified CRC talent to locate those individuals.  By the same token, job seekers that have earned a CRC can easily browse available positions for which they qualify.
  • Literacy Volunteers Pitt County
    3107 S Evans St Suite E
    Greenville NC 27858
    (252) 353-6578
  • Region Q Workforce Development Board
    1385 John Small Ave.
    Washington, NC 27889
    (252) 974-1845