Wastewater Disposal

In addition to communities that operate wastewater treatment plants, area rivers and soils are also capable of handling industrial wastewater. The Tar and Neuse Rivers (Contentnea Creek) have sufficient flows to receive treated wastewater.  Pitt County soils are typically fine sandy loams capable of accepting high volumes of treated water from spray irrigation land application systems.  The area’s mild climate makes this type of wastewater discharge very cost-effective in many circumstances.

Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage District (CMSD): The Towns of Grifton, Ayden, and Winterville jointly own and finance the operation of one regional wastewater treatment plant called Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage Plant, located in Grifton on Creekshore Drive. Plant capacity is 2.85 million gallons daily and can be expanded to 3.6 mgd.

Wastewater (Sewer) Treatment Systems & Capacities (Millions of Gallons)

Community CapacityType of System
Ayden2.85 CMSD - Two-stage activated sludge
BethelServed by GUC
Farmville3.50Two-stage activated sludge with extended aeration
FountainServed by Town of Farmville
Greenville17.50Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) - Tertiary
Grifton2.85CMSD - Two-stage activated sludge
GrimeslandServed by GUC
Winterville2.85CMSD - Two-stage activated sludge