Natural Gas

Natural Gas: There are two distributors of natural gas in Pitt County, serving the communities of Greenville, Winterville, Farmville, Ayden, Grifton, and the Pactolus/Grimesland area. There is a plentiful supply of gas through both systems with no anticipated shortages.

Piedmont Natural Gas (PNG) supplies natural gas to the County via a 4″ high pressure (300+lbs.) transmission line which runs west-to-east through the central portion of the County (from Farmville through Greenville over to the Pactolus/Grimesland area). A 2″ medium pressure (130+ lbs.) gas line serves the Grifton area. PNG also distributes gas in the Farmville area to residential and commercial customers.

Greenville Utilities Commission
receives gas from PNG and distributes gas to Greenville, Winterville and Ayden.