Air Service

Air Service

The Pitt County/Greenville area has access to commercial air passenger and air cargo service via three area airports:

  • The Pitt-Greenville Airport
  • The Raleigh-Durham International Airport, and
  • The Eastern Regional Jetport (also know as the North Carolina Global TransPark).

Air Passenger Service

Pitt-Greenville Airport is located on four lane highway NC 11, ten minutes northwest of downtown, adjacent to the Greenville Industrial Park. The airport is centrally situated within Pitt County and easily accessible to surrounding smaller communities. The longest of three runways is 6500 feet with navigational aids allowing night and inclement weather landings. All aircraft services are available, including charters. Air passenger service is provided through USAirways Express, offering daily departures from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. to Charlotte’s Douglas International. USAirways Express also maintains a crew base in Greenville.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport has nearly 400 daily arrivals and departures.  Eight major airlines and their regional partners (Delta, USAirways, Southwest, AirTran, JetBlue, Air Canada, United, and American Airlines) provide daily flights to nearly 40 non-stop destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The airport is located approximately 90 miles west of Greenville via US 264 and Interstate 40.

The Eastern Regional Jetport is located 30 minutes south of Greenville in Kinston.

Air Cargo Service

Air Cargo service in the Pitt County/Greenville area is provided by several air freight carriers including FedEx, USAir, and DHL. Daily pick-up and delivery is available.

Global TransPark

The North Carolina Global TransPark (GTP) is located 30 minutes south of Greenville at the Eastern Regional Jetport (Stallings Field) in Kinston. The 2400 acre site is a combination of an air cargo airport as well as a modern transportation, manufacturing, and distribution complex. The runway, at 11,500 feet, is the longest civilian runway in the state.

The GTP’s unique facilities can provide industries with direct access to multimodal transportation alternatives. Intermodal capabilities will enable companies to use all of those alternatives for the most efficient and reliable transportation. The TransPark alsos provide an on-site education and training facility to prepare the workforce necessary for the industries and businesses locating in the area.

In May of 1996, the Global TransPark was designated as Foreign Trade Zone 214. The designation means companies can export and import products through the TransPark without many of the usual customs restrictions and tariffs.

Pitt-Greenville Airport Statistics

Airport Reference Point: Latitude 35º 38′ 07″ North, Longitude 77º 23′ 07″ West

Airport Acreage: 872 acres

Operational Role: Primary Commercial Service/Basic Transport/Corporate


  • Airline Terminal Building/Corporate Terminal (expanded 2010)
  • Aircraft Storage Hangers (6 private, 4 public – leased)
  • Electrical Distribution Building
  • Line Facilities
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Crash, Fire, & Rescue Unit

Runway Data:

Dimensions6505\' x 150\'4997\' x 150\'2687\' x 150\'
SurfaceAsphalted concreteAsphalted concreteAsphalted concrete
Taxiway50\' parallel50\' parallel50\' parallel
NavaidsBeacon, PAPI4, ILS/DMEBeacon, PAPI4Beacon

USAir Express
Frequency: 5 departures, 5 arrivals
Equipment: Dash 8 200 – 37 passenger; Dash 8 300 – 50 passenger; CRJ200 – 50 passenger

Passenger Activity:

 Enplanements Deplanements
1991 54,366 53,367
1992 58,592 57,726
1993 60,149 59,651
1994 60,916 60,156
1995 46,824 46,787
1996 46,978 46,929
1997 48,648 48,461
1998 50,894 50,661
1999* 42,857 42,758
2000 44,079 42,024
200135,857 35,447
200232,935 32,542
200336,899 35,970
200449,723 49,336
200550,553 50,948
200647,157 46,370

*airport closed 5 weeks due to flooding from Hurricane Floyd

Air Cargo:


Ground Transportation:
Paved parking at PGV (250 spaces)
Taxi and Limousine Service
Avis, Hertz, Enterprise car rentals

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