Emergency Medical Services

Pitt County EMS

Emergency medical service in Pitt County is coordinated by the Pitt County Emergency Services Director who insures that each EMS unit is properly trained and equipped and assists communities in establishing new units. In 2002, Pitt County created a special tax district and a separate special revenue fund to more equitably fund and staff the emergency medical services squads in the county. This tax district encompasses all areas of the county with the exception of the City of Greenville. The current tax rate is 4.6¢.

Eight non-profit EMS squads and two county-owned EMS stations with 300+ volunteers and 16 county EMT/Paramedic positions are strategically located throughout the County and can be summoned via 9-1-1 at the County’s Central Communications Center. Each volunteer is professionally trained.

All emergency medical service in Pitt County is coordinated via communication with the Trauma Center medical staff at Vidant Medical Center. The Trauma Center is staffed 24 hours per day. Vidant Medical Center has been designated as a Level I Trauma Center and as such is identified as a regional referral center for emergency medical care.

Pitt County EMS Departments

Ayden Rescue and EMSChief Joe Butler, 746-7020
Bell Arthur Rescue EMSChief Jesse Harris, 329-7007
Bethel EMSCounty owned, 825-9129
Eastern Pines Volunteer Rescue and EMSChief Gene Powell, 758-3413
Falkland Rescue SquadChief Angela Gray, 830-1210
Farmville RescueChief Helen Reel, 753-5611
Fountain Rescue and EMSChief George Bell, 749-5321
Grifton Rescue SquadChief Ervin Harper, 524-4983
Pactolus EMSCounty owned, 752-6855
Winterville Rescue and EMSChief Rick Britt, 355-3330

City of Greenville EMS

Emergency medical service in the Greenville area is directed by the City Fire-Rescue Chief. The Greenville squad is a paid full-time professionally trained unit that serves the City of Greenville. The City’s personnel are cross-trained in both fire and rescue procedures. All EMS units are equipped with UHF-EKG radio transmission capability which allows patient vital signs to be monitored by Vidant Medical Center’s Trauma Center staff while in transit to the hospital.

Vidant Medical Transport

Vidant Medical Transport, the critical care air and ground transport of Vidant Medical Center was established April 8, 1985. Vidant Medical Transport supplements local emergency services through helicopter and critical care ground unit service, neonatal transport, and basic life support transport.

Vidant Air helicopters are self-contained emergency treatment centers with advanced trauma and life support equipment for one patient. They operate in a range of 150 miles to and from Greenville without refueling and can fly directly to the scene of an accident or disaster. The Vidant Ground fleet includes Mobile Intensive Care Units in Greenville and several satellite units throughout the region. These units are specially equipped to provide care for critically ill patients. On a regional level, MICU’s can rapidly move patients from community hospitals to regional referral centers.

The neonatal transport team consists of a neonatal transport nurse, a registered nurse or paramedic, and an EMT driver or pilot. In some circumstances, a neonatal nurse practitioner or specially trained physician will also accompany the crew. The air and ground critical care units are equipped with isolettes as well as specific equipment for monitoring temperature regulation, medication infusion, and respiratory support.

Vidant Health’s ambulance service is available for convalescent basic life support (non-emergency) transport of patients from the hospital to their homes and also transport between facilities.

Staff support for Vidant Medical Transport is provided by trained communication specialists, credentialed at the EMT level, based in the communications center at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.