County Government

Mission: To enhance the health, safety, and well being of the community by advocating for and providing quality services in a friendly, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Form: Pitt County operates under the Commissioner/Manager form of government (adopted in 1970) whereby an elected Board of Commissioners: 1) establishes board operational policies and guidelines and, 2) selects a professional manager to be responsible for day to day administration and implementation of objectives. The manager also prepares the annual budget and capital improvements program for the Board’s approval.

For more information:
County of Pitt
1717 W. Fifth St.
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 902-2950
Manager: Scott Elliott

Election of Commissioners: The nine members of the County Board of Commissioners are elected to staggered, four-year terms ensuring a smooth transition of county policies from one year to the next. Commissioners must reside within and are elected by the district they serve. Six Commissioners are elected from individual districts and three are elected from combining individual districts.

Financial Condition: Under State law, all units of government in North Carolina must operate with balanced budgets. Annual independent audits continue to confirm the County’s sound financial condition and use of excellent accounting procedures.

Pitt County Budget Analysis: FY 2014-2015

Ad Valorem Taxes $83,374,34249.45
Other Taxes18,904,98110.95
Permits & Fees3,699,1222.14
Sales & Services18,830,67710.91
Interest Earnings79,550.04
Fund Balances Appropriated6,340,8643.67
UNDUPLICATED TOTAL $172,634,086100.00
Interfund Transfers43,032,257 
TOTAL BUDGET $215,666,343 
Appropriations: AmountPercentage
General Government$36,127,85416.75
Public Safety39,141,53618.15
Environmental Protection8,870,1594.11
Economic & Physical Development2,689,0601.25
Human Services42,048,01919.50
Debt Service17,507,4968.12
Cultural & Recreational616,350.28
Internal Service12,710,1695.89
TOTAL BUDGET $215,666,343100.00
Less Interfund Transfers43,032,257 

Pitt County Financial Statistics (June 30, 2013)

G.O. Bond Rating:Fitch: AA+
Moody\'s: Aa2
 Total Taxable Property Value: $11.931 billion
Gross Debt:$164,434,128Total Taxes Levied: $78.7 million
1) Certificates of Participation:$92,715,000Tax Rate:$.68/$100 Value
2) Limited Obligation Bonds: $57,705,000Avg. Taxes Uncollected:3.0%
3) Qualified School Construction Bonds:$5,252,206Date of Revaluation: 2012
4) Other Loans:$11,761,922Property Value Growth (since last reval): 5.29%
Debt/Property Value Ratio:.014