Over the years, North Carolina has earned the reputation as a state with lower construction costs due to an abundance of locally produced building materials, a productive non-union workforce, comparatively low-cost land, a mild climate, and the availability of quality-oriented open-shop contractors.

Businesses can expect even a better building for the dollar in the Pitt County/Greenville area compared with other major population centers across the state of North Carolina. These costs differentials result from many factors, including:

1. Comparatively lower cost land – ranging from $5,000 per acre for a rural site to $35,000 per acre for developed industrial property and $50,000 to $100,000 per acre for office/institutional property;

2. Minimal site preparation costs – due to the area’s slight topographic relief and well drained soils, most sites require only minimal grading and drainage;

3. Availability of building materials – crushed stone, brick, structural steel, lumber, etc. can be found within a 75 mile radius;

4. A mild climate – allows year-round construction activity with very few days being lost due to inclement weather (rain is more often a delaying factor than freezing temperatures in pouring foundations and well-drained soils make it possible to re-enter a job site quickly, even after heavy rains);

5. Competition among several quality contractors – several excellent general contractors and specialized subcontractors having extensive office, commercial, and industrial experience are located within the region.