Network Broadcasting System: All three major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as Fox Broadcasting are received in Pitt County with two broadcasting stations located in the County (at Greenville). All four stations broadcast under maximum power allowed by the Federal Communications Commission (316,000 watts).

Public Broadcasting System:
The Public Broadcast System is brought to residents of the state of North Carolina through the University of North Carolina Public Television Network with headquarters in the Research Triangle Park (RTP). The UNC network operates a broadcast station in Pitt County (at Farmville) with 30,000 watts power.

ABC – Channel 12
WCTI – TV, New Bern
(252) 638-1212 (New Bern)
(252) 758-7133 (Greenville Bureau)
Broadcast Radius: 110 miles

CBS – Channel 10
WNCT – TV, Greenville
Vickie E. Jones, General Manager
(252) 355-8500
Air Time: 24 hours
Broadcast Radius: 100 miles

NBC – Channel 8
WITN-TV, Greenville
(252) 439-7777
Broadcast Radius: 110 miles

PBS – Channel 4
WUNK – TV, Farmville
(919) 549-7000
Broadcast Radius: 40 miles

FOX – Channel 2
WFXI – TV, New Bern
(252) 638-1212
Broadcast Radius: 70 miles